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What is Multi-Search?
Multi-Search is our implementation of the EBSCO Discovery search tool, or EDS for short. It allows users to search almost all of the Libraries’ resources from a single search box. You might think of Multi-Search as your one-stop source for Library research.
What does Multi-Search do?
Multi-Search contains over seventy databases to which the Library subscribes, plus hundreds of ebooks and other electronic resources, and our Library catalog.
Some of the most popular databases that are currently part of Multi-Search include:
Academic Search Premier
Business & Company Resource Center
Cinahl Nursing
ProQuest Newspapers
How is Multi-Search different than other databases I’ve used?
Multi-Search is basically a “super-database.” Individual databases like Academic Search Premier and JSTOR house their own content. Multi-Search allows you to search a large number of databases simultaneously and view the results in one unified list. As with many of our other databases you can them limit your search results by various criteria, such as viewing only articles which contain full-text or come from peer-reviewed journals.
I’m having trouble using Multi-Search. How can I get some help?
If you’re having a problem using Multi-Search, here are some ways in which you can get assistance:
– Call the Reference Desk at (334) 244-3649 during our hours of operation
– Use our Ask A Librarian service
– Stop by the Reference Desk for help

Will Multi-Search replace the subject-specific databases I already know and like?

No. We want you to think of Multi-Search as a powerful tool to assist in the research process. Use it as much as possible, and we encourage you to provide us with feedback about Multi-Search as you do so. But we are not planning to cancel any databases simply because we now have Multi-Search. It is a tool to enhance our collections, and not to replace any existing resources.
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