New campus IP range/Database access issues

Shortly after the beginning of the Fall 2014 semester, IT Services installed a new set of IP addresses for campus.  This was done as a matter of expedience, to resolve the network slowdowns experienced during that first two weeks.  This does not affect off campus access, nor should it affect most faculty offices. So far, most problems have been found to involve the classrooms, though some faculty have notified us that they are having problems in their offices.

This does not affect access from within the Library or off campus.  Problems encountered from off campus are of a different nature and should be reported as usual to Tim Bailey,, Systems Librarian.

At this time, the Library is contacting the numerous vendors we have, informing them of this new IP range.  This takes a bit of time, as many resources do not allow for remote administration or require written notification/verification of the change to the campus network.  Again, all resources should be available from off campus (where permitted by licensing) or from inside the Library, as those locations are not contained in the new IP range.

Please bear with us as we accommodate this new range of IP addresses and notify our various resource providers.  Thank you for your time and attention in this matter.